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What inspires people to make games?

We first pondered this question when we were young, when we lost ourselves in the worlds that games brought to life, and AfterGate Studios is the answer we found for ourselves.

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Our History

Our journey began with a group of friends who shared a love for gaming and storytelling. We spent countless hours playing card and board games, and we created our own games, formulating rich worlds full of magic and wonder and devising the characters that inhabited them. Through our penchant for creating, we realized our dream. We dreamed of using our unique talents to craft immersive gaming experiences that would transport players to new realms of imagination, and we dreamed of giving these experiences to players all around the world.

So we banded together and created AfterGate Studios so that we might bring to fruition this dream of ours. Here at AfterGate Studios, we will unlock the gate which stands between us and the secrets of new worlds, and we will delve into the mysteries that lay beyond.

Our Vision

Our dream is now no longer something unachievable–it is our vision now. Our vision is to create unforgettable gaming experiences by combining our unique storytelling and world-building with the best elements of card, board, and digital games. We wish to transport players to magical realms filled with wonder and adventure, where they will duel with fierce dragons, discover innovative artifacts, and explore kingdoms of distant lands. Our goal in achieving our dream is to connect people, spark creativity, inspire the human spirit, and build lasting memories.

Our journey, like any other, begins with the first step. Our first game, “Gladiators,”  a card game featuring champions fighting for honor and glory, is the culmination of our efforts, and it is the first step to realizing our dream.

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